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Terms & Conditions


Quotations are valid for 30 days only.

All quotations are offered subject to suitable vehicles being available when the quotation is accepted.

Where quotes have additional services such as ferry/tunnel crossings etc, Barry’s Coaches Ltd will book these if requested as the customer’s agent. Therefore, the terms and conditions of the supplier are binding. Any additional services requiring payment on booking will be charged as a non-refundable deposit.

Booking Confirmation

Confirmation of your booking would normally be accepted by telephone or email unless otherwise requested. Confirmation by Barry’s Coaches Ltd, if more than one week until hire date, will be sent via email and Private Hire Movement. Customers must check the details within the letter/movement and advise of any variations as soon as possible before the hire date.

Routes and timings

Unless a specific route is requested by the customer the most direct route to the destination will be used unless the driver is aware of any restrictions.

We are happy to offer advice on predicted journey times, but cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion, road closures, weather, or third party services, along with acts of god, war civil commotion, and force majeure. Deviations from the contracted times could incur additional costs, especially if driver’s hours regulations are affected.

It cannot be assumed that the coach will be available for your use between outward and return journeys unless specifically agreed.

Departure and return times to be agreed before departure (this is the time the coach is contracted to arrive at pick-ups and depart/ home time from destination).

Barry’s Coaches Ltd reserve the right to provide a larger vehicle than specified when quoting at no additional cost to the customer.  We reserve the right to substitute other vehicles of similar quality, including those of other operations for all or part of the hiring.

Complying with the law

Drivers must adhere to strict rules governing their driving hours as well as the frequency and duration of rest breaks. Barry’s Coaches Ltd will plan your journey to comply with these laws, and it is the Customers responsibility to ask their passengers to adhere to these regulations. Our Drivers will endeavour to accommodate any last minute changes, but only if this can be done safely within the Driving Regulations.

All our vehicles are fitted with seat belts which by Law must be worn whilst the vehicle is in motion. Standing without a seat is strictly forbidden.

The driver is responsible for the safe carriage of passengers on the vehicle.  Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations or actions are deemed to be dangerous may be removed or refused entry to the vehicle on the driver’s authority. The hirer will be held responsible for the conduct of passengers and any subsequent damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hiring.

Smoking and the drinking of alcohol is not permitted on our coaches. Passengers ‘soiling’ the coach , if under the influence of alcohol, will incur a charge for cleaning.

Your Property

We are happy to carry passenger’s luggage, but please note there is a limited amount of storage space available on a coach. If you anticipate that your group will be travelling with an excess amount of luggage (more than one large suitcase per person, musical instruments etc), please advise us at time of booking.

Please note valuables should never be left unattended on the coach. All luggage and personal effects are carried at the owner’s risk. We are not responsible or liable for theft or damage to property of passengers on the vehicle, except where there is proof of direct action by one of the Company’s employees.

Wheelchairs – We can generally accommodate lightweight manual folding wheelchairs, subject to them being capable of being stowed in the luggage hold of the coach.  Weight, loading and carriage restrictions apply to motorised wheelchairs.  Please inform us of any intended carriage prior to travel.

Payment terms

Our standard payment terms are as follows:

Account Customers payment is due 14 days from invoice date unless alternative arrangements agreed.

Non-Account Customers payment is due 14 days prior to departure.

Any deposits requested for additional services (ferry/tunnel bookings etc.) must be paid on booking.

Cancellation by the Customer

In event of Customer cancellation the following charges will apply to single vehicle hire. Please contact the office for cancellation charges of multiple vehicle/period hire as cancellation charges will vary from these.

Cancellation prior to 14 days of departure – No cancellation charge

Cancellation 7-14 days prior to departure – £100

Cancellation 48 hours to 7 days prior to departure – 25% of invoiced amount (min of £100)

Cancellation 24 to 48 hours prior to departure – 50% of invoiced amount (min of £100)

Cancellation on day of departure –  Non refundable

Deposits for additional services (ferry/tunnel bookings etc.) are non-refundable.

Cancellation of Coach Hire by the Company

In the event of any emergency, issues of safety, or force majeure, or action by the hirer to vary the agreed conditions, Barry’s Coaches Ltd may , by returning all coach hire monies paid (not including deposits for additional services) and without further or other liability , cancel the contract.


Although, we strive to provide our customers with the best service we can, from time to time things may not go as planned. If you are unhappy about any element of your journey please speak to our Driver who will endeavour to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. If you are still dissatisfied please contact us at as soon as possible after your journey.

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